About Us

Klein Bros. Warehouse is a division of Klein Bros. Holdings, a family owned corporation based in Stockton, California.

Originally established in 1989 as Klein Bros. Transportation, this division soon evolved into a 3PL, public warehouse. The managements willingness to do anything for the customer led to the development of a contract packaging department. Among the first customers for contract packaging (or value added service) were Nestle’, Campbell’s Soup Company, and Ocean Spray. These customers were beginning to sell to Costco and other high volume club stores. The packaging department began with one ARPAC shrink bundler and a lot of determination. Today we produce high quality multi-packs and variety packs for customers needing value added services.

In 2006 we expanded our capacity to store wine.  We now have insulated, cool storage capacity for one million cases of wine and spirits.

We provide turn key service in a cost efficient, low overhead, clean environment. Our goal is to process our customers orders as quickly as possible with the utmost attention to quality, cost, and service.

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Klein Bros. Warehouse is strategically located in Central California, one mile west of Interstate 5 on Highway 4. We are 21 miles from Costco’s distribution center in Tracy, CA.

Customer Service

Our staff delivers reliable information in whatever format our customers request.  We have EDI capabilities.  Our secure warehouse management system can be viewed online 24/7 and allows customers to access their inventory, submit orders, etc.

Certificates / Bonds

  • Certified Organic Warehouse
  • Bonded Wine Cellar / Bond # BWC-CA-5554
  • FDA Registration #16984004228
  • CA ABC Type 14 License

Klein Bros Warehouse

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